What would you do in this situation?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by pcmoseley, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Alright so on August 16th my bmw got broken into and my passport x50 blue was taken from me. Then on August 19th someone posts THIS on craigslist:

    I have several reasons to believe this person was the one who did it.

    1. Mine was hardwired so all he could take was the radar (no cords). So I called him and asked about the blue x50, he said that he did not have anything that comes with it.

    2. The cop that did the police report said that she had already filled out another police report two streets over and the same exact thing happened to them.

    3. Anyone having trouble paying rent does not own 3 radar detectors.

    4. He is in the same area that it happened in.

    5. He posted it on craigslist 3 days after it happened.

    6. The whole craigslist ad sounds kind of sketchy.

    It was $300 for a new window that he shattered and $400 for a new radar detector. I already talked to the police again and they will not do anything because I dont have the serial number. I dont want to do anything that would risk me getting in trouble. So my question to you guys is what would you do?
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    If the police won't help, you can always email and threaten the dude to give you back your stuff or you'll goto the cops. Other than that, your kinda stuck.
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    Unless you're ready to get into some down and dirty shit, lick your wounds and let it go. If the authorities have already made it clear that you're going to get absolutely no support from them, your only other alternative is to take the law into your own hands.

    Yea, it may very well be the prick who swiped your radar..., but at some point you're going to have to weigh the risk vs. the reward of trying to get it back.

    Not to sound like a total bitch, but seriously... you don't know what this guy is capable of.. what he's on, or who is lurking around the corner.

    Now, if this is someone who has totally fucked you over for a large sum of money, screwed with your family, or went beyond disrespecting a friend or loved one - That's a totally different story, and blind rage is totally called for.

    Don't lose your balls over a few hundred bucks. Some of you might disagree with me, but unless you're John F'ing Rambo... just punt on it.


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    well, if you are asking what *I* would do in the situation, i would pretend i am interested in the items and set up a meeting time. upon arrival i would ask to see the item and i would hold it in my hand and look at it and if it is mine, i would take it, slam it right into the fuckers temple knocking him out, then beat the fuck out of him in one of the most violent, legendary beatings ever witnessed.

    if you are asking what *YOU* should do, you should go to the cops and get their help first, if they wont help, then feel free to follow option 1, but only if you know what your doing.
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    I like GTS6's idea!!
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    Bad thing is that if you have no serial number you have no evidence that it's yours. It's his word against yours and if he has a smart story he'll get away with it.

    If you knock him out and there a witnesses you're in trouble and he'll get you behind bars. Imaging how funny he will think that is.

    Like said before, you don't know this person's background and what he will do to you (or your family) when you piss him off. There are some real psychos walking loose.

    I would let it go, it's just a couple a hundreds and not worth the trouble.
  7. Keedev

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    You should stalk him with a camera and if he attempts anything like that again.. You will be there..

    That's just if you have the time though :D.

    Otherwise I would just forget it.. Nothing you can do getting it back legally without actual proof it's yours..
  8. the mad hatter

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    Foget about it. It's not worth the few hundred bucks. Sucks, But that's reality. On the upside, at least you get to buy some new gadgetry.