What would you do if you wanted to be an opposite gender?

want to be completely or just make a few things that you can't since society don't allow because of the gender difference? well I'll go for it life is short to spend all the time doing things you don't like, I did what society wanted me and they judge now I do what I want and still judge me, so be judge and happy be and taste what you like ;) :cool:
God is a girl. :anyway:

I am God.

Most important is chest and breasts.

You always have ass... So you can tell someone to use this instead of penis removal. You just can't abuse it like pussy (stick something there for hours). You mofos know what happens when you abuse ass... You watch these videos daily, I know that.

Trying to do it 100% won't do well.
Lol it's crazy. I see bigger chest breasts in mirror than on the camera. Nice perception fuckup. :D

On the other hand all my mother sees is a bunch of fat hah. She doesn't understand you can't cut and gain at the same time.

Gonna do 100 chest workouts in 2024.

Haven't been to gym for 4 years!!

Only last 8 days everyday pumping iron. Plus 1 cardio.

But I have discipline of an engineer!!! I coded apps!! I coded apps!! With no boss!! Everyday! And I'm delicate. Haha

Can do bulking for 8 more months this year. 16 kg gain. A little bit of breasts. Just don't cut it and eat it. Better eat some pork - it's bulking base here - good fats.

Man never depend on your motivation. Discipline? Once you try it, you open doors to insane gains!!

I'll drive like a lady.

No speeding.

Gonna take driving course this week.

First time.

Very hard exam here.

There is a black hat trick though.

You go to a city where they have easy routes and higher chances, and pass there. Black hat always available. Always. In every part of life.

Keep safety as your important value and you will not risk all your money and life like an impulsive psycho.
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