What would you do if you have thousands of business emails?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by todordonev, Dec 4, 2014.

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    This question probably sounds stupid, but..
    Last night and morning :D, I scraped more than 240k emails (within 3-4 hours), most of them have much more info than plain e-mail like:
    names, business names, ceo names, websites, mails(duh), mobile/land phone numbers EVEN birthages, full adresses, gov issued id numbers, blood groups, school grades and many more info.

    I knew that I had to take action so I rented a dedi and installed IEM and pMTA. Started fetching only the emails, filtered them, and imported them in interspire. (I was very lazy cause it was almost 6am).
    Last hour I sent 10k mails with a basic non-ad email to test waters, and went to smoke a cigar. When I returned back I had 1% open rate already :D. Btw I set a trigger so everyone who opens the mail gets a dating offer after 12 hours :D

    I will blast this list either way and I can get a new, bigger one in the same timespan, but... I don't want to engage or sell anything to the list. I only want to blast CPA/CPL offers etc. I dont like bothering with clients etc. Still, I have plenty of info about the people I send emails to, and I don't want to throw that info away.

    This thread now looks like a story/journey but I really am seeking for advice/opinion.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well first of all I would consider wether what you're doing is legal or not. In some countries (including where I live) it's illegal to mass send emails to people unless they have previously said that they want emails form you. Don't know how it is where you live (or if you even care about legality) but it is something to consider.

    Anywho, if you have a lot of personal information about you list, you could try to sort them in different catagories so you end up with a few small, more specific mailing lists. Then, you could promote targeted products and services to each of the lists.
    Since the list is made of business emails i would focus on services with large bulk discounts as these will often be more attractive to businesses.