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    I have come to a situation where I just don't know what to do anymore. I started a profitable site about 8 years ago as a side project. I spent all of my free time on it. We are talking several hours a day every day to all day every day. It is now the business that I run full time...

    I started two more sites since then in the same mold, and neither of them have taken off. One of them I started because after my mother was diagnosed with cancer she spent hours online looking for support and it became a topic near and dear to my heart. Another one I started because it was a hobby my friends and I all enjoyed.

    Neither of them have ever really had any traffic. I've put tons of money into them, and changed them up it seems like a gillion times and let them die and then revived them time and again.

    I don't know why one site has done so well from the start and never looked back and the other two have just done absolutely nothing. So I am looking to start over with them with help, and dedicate the time and effort to making them successful. I am going to start with the less competitive one with little to no monetary potential.

    So I'm asking what you all would do, if you were to start a site from scratch and wanted to see results in say 3 months.

    You want to create a site to fill a certain niche. Let's say it gets tons of searches and there is lots of competition but they aren't all that astute at SEO and the money is not very good. Let's say you are doing it as a hobby rather than a money making venture.

    You have three months to build the site up and you are starting from scratch.

    You are looking at the site as a long term project and not a black hat, overnight and throw away and start over thing.

    You have a budget but it's small so you can spend let's say up to 3,000 dollars if you needed to.

    What do you do to get it ranked, get good content, and get traffic? A to Z.

    Again, don't make this about making money, just about getting traffic to your hobby site.
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    Send me the URLs via private message.
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    You have 3g to blow on putting this together? Also, what is your definition of results? Is there a regular monetary goal or visitor count in that 3 month period?

    I'll give you a start - Pick your niche and make sure your best keywords are in the domain name. Buy some articles with that money or hire a ghost writer. Consider creating your own digital product as the ultimate goal. Do a WP blog for your main site, and be sure to get signed up to every bookmarking site.

    Make sure you have a mailing list started on the side as well.

    I'm curious too about your failing sites. Send a pm if you care to share.
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    Well sometime there are somethings that you can't control. But there is only one thing to do in that situation. Keep working at it and hope that everything clicks.