What would you charge?


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Sep 7, 2011
A buddy of mine just came to me and asked me what I would charge to rank 5 videos to the top of good. He has been trying to do it for a month and cannot get it so he asked me.

I told him $300 per vid because I would have to buy proxies and views and not to mention I would be using my GSA ranker.

Whats your thoughts on it?
The market price is what the client pays.

What have you taken into consideration when coming up with your price figure?
Guess I didnt word it right. The buddies company is wanting me to do it. The buddy has been trying but cant figure it out. I have been trying to help him but he isnt getting it. His bosses came to him to ask me what I would charge.

(On a side note, hes a new member to BHW, told him this is the place to come to learn about YT marketing)
Your post was understood, no problem there.

What a client agrees to pay is the market price. Usually, price reflects value and work in some way.

What have you taken into consideration when coming up with your price?
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and I was basing the price on Proxies, Views, GSA, VPS, and time worked setting it all up.

I thought the price was pretty fair seeing they have been trying to just get the MagicSubmitter program set up for over a week now.
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