What would do if some idiot buyers disputes on Paypal about BH stuffs?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by justin, Jul 8, 2012.

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    I need few suggestions on how to manage these type of situation. I sell accounts at various places and have never received a single claim or dispute in my entire life. This is a first instance and a risky one for both. The buyer purchased few accounts from me and asking for refund after 14 DAYS of sale. As per paypal its illegal to buy and sell accounts but this idiot rather than talking out here he just raised a dispute. He has risked both the accounts of us now. The reason for refund is amusing too. He says the accounts went bad. I usually double check the orders to confirm everything is fine. BUT after ruining those accounts he is coming back to me asking for refund. He didn't bring this to me yet, nor he proved the faults. I do offer refunds within 24 hours or would have considered even 3 days if not used. But again he never brought it to me.

    Please suggest what do I do in situation like this?
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    I know what I would do but I can't talk about it on this forum.
    Those idiot scammers are always so stupid to fall for it.
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    I got curious, I want to know what you would do. Please pm me the answer.