What will be the right time to start

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    Yes, what should be the right time to start an SEO sales thread in the market place to get maximum sales at start?
    Also, willing to know about the challenges,
    1) Being an SEO client what a person expect from agencies.
    2) What are the favorite link building strategies?
    3) Apart from rankings, what is more disappointing?
    4) How many tier one links are good for hundred dollars.
    Please put your views over here, also make it more useful by adding more relevant questions, along with your views.
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    The right time to start is now. It's really that simple.

    You'll build up testimonials and a reputation over time. You can spend all day planning for something in the future, or you could just do it ;)

    By the way, who cares what someone's "favorite link building strategies" are. As an SEO provider, they will be happy with whatever gets them to the top and keeps them there.