What ways do you monetizeInstagram?


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Oct 5, 2016
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I always struggles with this, today after about 5months waiting I managed to sell 2 $9 shoutouts on shout cart completely forgot about it haha.

This has inspired me to earn more from Instagram anyone have any tips to share?

My IG is a country niche with almost 20k followers (all real) and avg 1k - 2k likes per photo (all real) 1 year 2 months in the making 60% of this was manual follow unfollow.
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What do you mean by country niche?
Sorry I just mean its an account of a country in Europe I don't want to say which one but it's just a travel account which I share beautiful pictures of said country.
And followers is mainly from that country? So it's not people from China that dreams to go to Finland for example

Correct almost all people are from that country (90%), rest have visited it or really want to. but most speak the native language and almost all can speak English.
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