What was the very first momentum which put you on the blackhat IM way?

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    OK, me first:
    One day i found something interesting while i did my usual daily routine search for porn on the net, i was browsing someones rapidshare directory when i realized something interesting besides the porn :), it was an ebook with a catchy title: 'How I made $2734.79 in 7 days!' (it was a short ebook about a free classifieds ewhoring method), so i decided to download it, after i read it, i thought i gave it a chance, i cannot loose anything if i put it in action, on the same day when i began, i started to make moneyz online lol, on the very first day i made around $25 with no experience in IM at all, it was at the beginning of 2008 and it was good enough for me and i think it would be good enough for a lot of people as well on the very first day in IM
    in case if you'd like to read the ebook, i put it on mediafire, although this is pretty useless now, it was already outdated when i read it first, so i had to update the method a little to make it work, but here ya go:
    so this is my story, what's yours?

    P.S. inb4 you ask...call me stupid, but i didn't edit this ebook, so the aff links in the book are not mine! :p
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