What was it like in the old days of SEO?

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    I remember in the late 90s (when I was a 10 year old kid trying to bypass AOL's porn filter) I'd always see websites with walls of text at the bottom; all of them keywords. Usually either in tiny print, or made the same color as the background so you couldn't see it unless you highlighted it.

    That got me thinking, it must have been pretty easy to rank and make money back in those days when the internet really started blowing up, since search engine algorithms were not very advanced yet.

    Were any of you older members in the business back then? Was it really as easy as making a paragraph of keywords and building massive numbers of spammy backlinks? How much money could you make?
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    i remember the days when i was throwing tons of text in html comments and i was #1
    then i remember the days moving that text into css hidden divs :)

    lots more cool stuff i remember from good old days...

    it was way easier back then, there wasn't so much competition, niches were free... but hell, it was slow till you get started... i remember you needed to wait like 3 months to get spidered and indexed, ofcourse after you manually submitted your url to all search engines
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