What tools do you use to market to offline businesses?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Moneymaker13, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I had another question. What type of SEO tools, website tools, sites or whatever. Any types of tools you use for local search or any offline businesses please post here.

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    I use Se Nuke but I won't directly nuke the domain, make sense? It's definatly more time consuming but it works. Just make a blogger blog and Nuke it once a day. I use two seperate computers, one is solely running SE Nuke 24/7. Don't index your backlinks all at once, let google find them. I believe it looks more natual to have 10 BL one day and 14 the next and 8 the next, and so on. Backlinks are easy to obtain just pick a service that works best for you.

    To get a page to rank higher locally you need to have as many honorable mentions in web directories like yellowbook, and places like that. The more you have the more Trust Rank you gain. Trust rank will allow you to rank higher than other sites that may have duplicate content. IM'ers can dwell all day on whether or not it exsists, but news sites are a great example. Most of them cover the same stories, who ranks higher?

    Google Analytics and webmaster tools is a must, other than that any good wordpress plugins. Find the one's that work and the one's you like and keep them. Clean websites with clean code, and your site needs to upload fast. Look for plugins that can solve these problems.

    I personally go after highly competitive local businesses, these are the businesses that spend the most on advertising.

    Market Samurai is also a great tool for finding you the strength of your competition, just so you can see what your up against. Hope this helps.

    Trail and error is the best thing about business, because it gives you time to explore, It's an adventure. Your can't have success without failure. Just learn from your mistakes and you'll be good. Internet Marketing is marketing at its finest!
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