What to wear in a funeral?

Does it have to be dress? I have Black jeans and black jacket etc.

My dress jeans is a bit to small for me:S

i've always worn jeans to funerals. you'll be fine. wear a shirt or shirt and jacket on top though, not a tshirt or anything.
I'd say it really depends on where you live.. Not all cultures wear black in the funerals. So where are you from OP?
wear a black dress mate, if u dont have a one, you can hire a one - and DONT wear jeans ..
Dress formal. Wear a black suit and don't wear anything flashy.
A white shirt is fine but jeans are a complete no, no in my book.
If you are talking abut the actual funeral, and not the wake, I would go with something dark. I usually wear a navy blue blazer.
I go with a white shirt and and black pant. I never go with jeans and a suit. In some countries they wear white instead of black.
black slacks, black shirt, tie, i'm not sure about the jeans that just doesn't seem fitting, however if that is all you have, i'm sure your friend would rather you wore that and came, rather than not coming at all
You're supposed to wear black or at least dark clothes at a funeral. Dark grey or blue might be okay too, but white? No way. I don't know any country in Europe where wearing white clothes at a funeral is commonly accepted. Someone will get offended for sure.
A suit, for sure. Dark colors are normal in many cultures, black being the obvious choice. White colored dress shirt - don't wear a dark suit AND a dark shirt... you'll look like a mortician. Wear a relatively plain solid colored tie, no flashy patterns and no bright colors.

Dress shoes, dark socks. Never white/light socks with dark pants and shoes. The color of your shoes should match the color of your belt. (brown or black) Brown dress shoes are hard to pull off with black suits, but it is possible - you just have to know what you're doing. Better to stick to black shoes and belt.

You're not there to impress anyone, but it's still a time to show respect. Dress the part, it's only one day.

Of course, all of this depends upon your culture, what others will be wearing, do you have to speak, will you be "greeting" people and accepting condolences, etc.
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