What to hear you opinion about sells in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

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    Nov 18, 2015
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    First of all this thread belong only for people that know what i'm talking about and what is MLM.

    As you know MLM can bring you really good money and even replace you main job, but you have to work really really hard to get this, sell your product, and bring people into the business.
    So I thought about something and decided to ask you guys if it's can work.
    I will make a wordpress site of a landing page or something similar and just write there what people want to hear
    for example, if my product is hair cream, so I can write things like " No more for your hair loss! never worry about you hair again!, and things like that.
    Then put there a contact form with a little survey that says "Complete the survey and send your information and we will check it and back to you soon" and then just sell the product.
    For the traffic I will use google and facebook ads

    so, what do you think about all the idea? you think it's going to work?
    Sorry if I have some mistakes with my English.