What To "Fix" On Your Site If You Have No Penalty But Ranks Decreased?

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    I'd appreciate it if someone can help me out with my site.

    I've been waiting for some type of penalty but I haven't received anything in WMT.
    So I'm not sure what to "fix" on my site or what exactly the problem is.

    And I posted a thread on BHW about a month ago, but didn't get much help.

    This time I'm posting all the details of the site, in hopes that someone will actually help me.
    I'm at the point of just giving up on it, and I've already started a new site in the same niche.
    But at the same time if I can save this site I'd like to give it a try.

    The site use to rank high for all if its main keywords, and it use to bring in sometimes 8-10
    calls a day. This was back before Sept 9th, it took a hit, then came back up, then took
    another hit around Oct 4th, and now I have no idea what to fix.


    Here is a brief history of the site -

    Site was created around November 2012.
    I started off by building out web 2.0s on blogger, wordpress, live journal and filling them out
    with MANUALLY written content.

    At the time, I did a bit of blog commenting as well.
    Then additionally, I bought a site and filled it out with relevant content (using dragon naturally
    speaking to do many of the articles) and did sitewide links from the site. I varied the hell out
    of my anchor text. And each page from the site linked to a different page on my main site.
    I did it just to get highly relevant links because I couldn't find them anywhere else.

    I basically did manual SEO on it for 6 months, no keywords were ranking, so I sent it over to
    a guy on WF who's managed to get all my "troublesome" sites to rank. And he does this
    using a very strong, well hidden private network.

    So if you check the sites backlinks, you won't see any of his links.

    But you'll see many of my old ones. And when I check the site in ahrefs, the backlinks are
    nowhere representative of the actual links the site has. My main anchor text in ahrefs is my
    name "rob". I'm not sure how that happened because I did less than 10 blog comments
    on the site. And most the links I built on my own did not use that anchor text.

    Another weird thing I noticed, when I check the site in SEO Spyglass, I have some VERY WEIRD
    links. They look rather spammy, and I did NOT build these links, nor did my SEO guy.

    Here is an example -

    There is about 20-30 links like this all from the same place. I have no idea what types of links
    these are or who created them... but I didn't do them and my SEO guy has never done links
    like that. They look like exploit links or something I really have no idea. At the same time they
    don't look like the type of links someone would use to neg seo a site (or am I wrong?)


    The last "issue" I can think of is that I have some spun geotargeted pages on the site (about 40). Yet all the articles were spun over 90%, then each article was proof read, edited and altered a bit so it would be more unique. I did this because my main competitor
    has 300 pages of spun geotargeted pages.... and every single one of his pages and keywords is #1 in Google. His site has never
    lost rank in any update, and is still ranking stronger than ever (I have no idea how he does it cause a much higher % of his site is

    Here are the keywords I lost -


    I asked my SEO guy what I can do, and he said to remove all the spun pages from the site or rewrite them manually.
    It was stupid to use manual content for my tier 1 links, then spun content on the site itself, but like I said I was just copying
    my main competitors strategy. And his site has been around for 5 years longer than mine, and for as long as I've known it
    he's dominated this niche.

    Does anyone have any idea how I should persue this?

    What confuses me, the home page and all of the main pages were manually written. So if Google was going to penalize any
    pages on my site, it should be the geotargeted back pages and not the main pages. And what further confuses me, I still have
    a few keywords on page 1. But based on overall traffic, its gone down 70%. So obviously something is wrong, I just can't
    figure out what.

    One last thing. I'm not sure if this is allowed but if there are any experts on here, who know their shit, and would be
    willing to do a deep analysis of the site, I'd be willing to pay.

    Right now I'm about to do some radical shit (like delete all the geotargeted back pages) but I don't want to make the problem
    worse. So I'd really appreciate if someone can look at the site, and tell me what they think.

    Thanks a lot