What to expect from shoutouts?

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    Hey guys,

    I was never really into Instagram marketing but I see there's a lot of potential if you do it right.
    Since I'm not really into using Instagram bot, what would you suggest me to do in order to get engaging followers for fitness niche?
    I have a budget of 10,000$. Not sure if it will be enough to gain huge amount of followers but I would love to hear out your opinions.
    What do you think about shoutouts on big Instagram accounts? Accounts which gain 10-20k likes per picture and are related to fitness niche?
    Would that be good?

    Hmm ;)
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    Here's what I'd do with $10,000. First off.. do not think about the money, profit, instagram, anything except, ask yourself this question. Are you a patient person? Or do you want to see things done the fast way?

    I can guarantee you, $10K is a lot of money.. depending on what your goal and perspective is. If you care about quantity, over quality.. you can make 1 account and if you get lucky and hit the right promos, you can get that account to 6 figures in followers easily. If you post good stuff, and if it may even be completely original, you may take off and go viral if suddenly a bunch of accounts are giving you SO's and people go woah! This is kinda cool. A thing I saw recently in the past 3 days are pictures with the theme "Straight outta ......". There's even a few pages that went viral with this. Earlier there was the don't judge challenge. Heck, I've even seen a hedgehogs only page go to 50K followers within a week because people thought it was so cute and it got kickstarted with shoutouts. Shoutouts are great if you're buying a lot and you know what you're doing. IF you can get to a point where suddenly there's this avalanche of followers, shoutouts are worth every single penny. But, here's the thing. You don't know how much it's going to take to hit the point of becoming viral. You don't even know if you have what it takes to become viral. (Unless you're very experienced with this. I mean, I've had a few successes with viral sensations but I still don't have a bunch of experience with knowing exactly what's going to succeed and what's going to flop. Sometimes you may be surprised.) And shoutouts can be very expensive. You can buy 1 SO that would cost you $250 from a large page, as in 10-20K fitness. It depends on a lot of factors. Is the page legit? Is the engagement good compared to followers? Does the page do a lot of promotions, or does it do it rarely? How long will the SO last? Etc.

    The best thing I'd recommend is this. Buy a bot, such as Followliker. (Around $100) Get someone working for you who for cheap will do it. (there's actually a lot of people willing to do this since it's pretty easy work, but it gets very repetitive and boring fast if you're talking about 100+ accounts) Go to igerslike and pay the license fee of 50 euros for 3 months and 50 accounts slots for 50 euros TWICE. Then you can either make 100 accounts by yourself (recommended, as is safer and cheaper) or you can buy 100 PVA accounts. Then, buy 50-100 proxies for these accounts. 1 ip for 2 accounts is fine, but if you want to be EXTRA safe 1 per account is great. Once you have all this set up, all you'll need to do is tell the person you hired (or if you want, you can do it yourself) is what niches he/she needs to find photos from and post on the accounts. I'd post daily, maybe 3-6x a day on each account. It's up to you to decide what niche(s)/subniche(s) you want the accounts in. You could dominate if you had 100 accounts in 1 niche, but you could make a lot more money in the long term if you have 10 accounts in 10 different good niches. Next, get a VPS to put Followliker into. It'd be running 24/7 without you having to worry about keeping on the computer the whole time, and it'd be faster if you have 100 threads running at the same time on a VPS. Then, just keep posting and following/unfollowing daily and in 6 months I guarantee you, worst case scenario you'll have 100 accounts with at least 15-20K followers each. Maybe some may have 30k+. Then after 6 months you could do Shoutouts from one account you own onto another, and it'd be all free.

    Now, at the same time you're running 100 accounts.. for 6 months I can't remember exactly how much it'd cost, but I think I posted somewhere before that it'd be around like $2K or something like that?
    Here's what you can do with the other $7-8k. You personally can work on 3-5 big accounts. Your main ones. Make them yourself on your own phone and managing should be pretty easy. It'd be best not to use any bots on these ones, but just S4S. Spend let's say $2-4K on growing 1 account first to 50k-100K, and then make another one in the same niche. Say it's your backup. Then you could spend $1-2K (less than on the first one) on this second one while also giving free promos from your first one onto this. Then repeat this until you run out of money. Which, after 6 months you may have 100 accounts totaling over 2M followers plus let's say... 3 large accounts you've been working on hard, with another total of 500K and boom, you could be making a few thousand per month. And then you could start more and more accounts till you'd dominate certain niches, and then you could move over into Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, etc. and the possibilities are endless.
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