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what to do ?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by proxygo, May 13, 2013.

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    read carefully seek advice .

    in may 2012 - i bought a gtx 570 from ebuyer.com 240 pounds .
    in sept 2012 it was finally installed in a new custom build pc.
    in feb 2013 hdmi port became loose on the card.
    i called ebuyer, they offered a 160 refund from the original 240 pounds payed
    as i had owned the card 10 months - but they now no longer stock it.

    i turned down the refund and contacted the card maker MSI uk
    i had to pay 20 pounds to send my card to MSI HOLLAND for what i thought was a repair
    but what i wasn't aware of was, what they would send back was a refurbished card as they
    claimed - we dont repair cards, only replace.

    by definition refurbished is repaired , what this meant was i was sent some other persons
    card that had been sent back faulty and repaired . and my nice clean card mark free scratch
    free was gone, what i got back was a refurbished marked scratched card, that when installed
    to my pc showed white screen lines, white squares, blue screens and re boots from the day it
    arrived in march.

    so i contacted MSI and said this so called refurbished replacement doesn't work, i had the card
    checked at my local pc store, i was told the card was dying.
    MSI sent me a pre payed postage label so i could return it for free, 2/3 weeks went by then
    i was sent another refurbished card, which arrived last Friday, card was installed in my machine
    guess what? the fans on the card spun round but no picture, tried the card in my wife's pc
    same problem. as my wife graphics is the same as my original card i tried it in mine, my pc
    booted up first time. so for the 2nd time a 2nd refurbished card sent to me to replace my slightly
    faulty card doesn't work .

    to date, i have been without a working graphics card for my main pc since feb 2013.
    sent 2 faulty refurbished cards that dont work. my original card that did 95% work
    will have been fixed and given to some other person [ bet there happy ]
    and it will have cost me 2 trips to the local pc store to get both cards checked.
    + calls to the msi uk call center

    in short a card ide owned 10 months had 6 months use
    turned down a partial 160 pound refund from ebuyer hoping MSI would fix it.
    then sent me 2 refurbished cards over 2 months that where dying/broken. or dead.
    cost me 2 trips to the pc store to get them checked .
    over 25 emails to MSI and still no resolution,
    not been able to use my new custom made pc since February

    what should i do now ?
    uk trading standards ? or a solicitor ?
    not will to wait another 2/3 weeks to send this back and
    wait for a 3rd refurbished card.
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