What to do.

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    Nov 27, 2011
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    For me the choice is obvious which would be better but there is a doubt in my mind. I have just under $120 which ill be receiving in a few days, my first thought was to buy a new HDD because i need space. Now that is something that's not really needed just more of a luxury that id like to purchase so that i have plenty of space to record to. I have been doing IM on and off for since i joined this forum, have a few methods work but nothing amazing due to the fact i didn't have anything to invest with in the beginning. Now i have this $120, the best option would be to reinvest that into something that can double even triple what i start with.

    I know its the right thing to do but for some reason i just feels like the bad choice. Was planning to move into Instagram and see if i can earn anything from there.
    What would you do?

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    definitely re-invest bro, thats for sure.
    you need to scale up so you can eventually earn $120 per day.
    its more important than material possessions in my opinion.