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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by osis, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. osis

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    I've uploaded a big number of videos to youtube and linked in the description back to a domain.
    On which i created a Wordpress-Blog which is showing the videos and some ads from bidvertiser.

    I'm getting 500+ Visits a day but this doesn't earns me more 0,05$ a day.

    Any ideas how to monetize this?
    What advertising network etc.

    Or is there maybe a Domain-Parking service who allows me to back link to the domain?
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    Oct 20, 2008
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    wow how you get 500+ visitors, thats a lot for earning 5 cents a day lolz
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    :D bidvertiser

    The visitors from YouTube are different, they don't click often on PPC Ads.

    Use better some products, related to your videos. Like - Ringtones for music videos, Ebooks, Leads..

    What kind of videos do you have? Did you just upload the videos? Or also rate/view them?
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    I'm not sure what your videos are about but I guess find some offers or affiliate programs that relate to your videos.

    I could be wrong but it doesn't sound like your visitors stay too long either if you're only getting 5 cents a day from 500+ visits.
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  5. osis

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    Most videos are music videos or "fun" videos.
    Any recomendations for advertising?
  6. punn3301

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    Jan 27, 2008
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    Different videos.

    You're marketing isn't targeted. This may be YouTube and may seem like a "get rich quick" idea, but the basics of marketing still hold true. What you're doing is the equivalent, marketing-wise, of sending Spam emails.

    There is no targeting going on, so your conversions are going to be shitty. The only way to make money this way is volume.

    You are also confusing "views" with success. The goal is to make money, not get views. If you use targeted videos to your offer, you will get less views, but have a better chance at marketing to someone who may actually be interested in your product.

    Right now, you are just marketing to everyone and hoping something works.

    No offense, but you have no plan here. You're just taking traffic from youTube, pointing it at your blog, and HOPING someone clicks on a link. Honestly, does that sound like a strategy or a prayer?

    That was the whole key to the ringtone method that kicked ass for so long. It wasn't that YouTube held some sort of magical powers that helped make money. It was because you were marketing free (not really) ringtones to people who listen to that type of music. Plus, the people being marketed to probably weren't all that smart seeing they were using YouTube to listen to the music they liked and not using BitTorrent or even Rapidshare.

    By using those funny videos that get attention, you are getting YouTube views, but the views you are getting are mostly people who just like to browse around the internet watching stupid videos.

    Don't give up though, you can still sell these people, you just have to be a little smarter about it. Try using cpa offers for free stuff, or find some zip submits. Downloadable games and other entertainment CPA offers might work as well. These people are looking for entertainment, so give it to them.

    You also need to realize that despite some of the posts around here, YouTube is not a magic bullet. It still takes work and intelligent marketing.

    Hope this helps. I know it may sound like I'm being a dick, but I'm really just trying to help.;)
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    did u promote the videos at all? Or just upload them.
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    Thanks for postin,helped my in a way
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    Well i would set up a good email submit that is in the same field of the video they came from. So if its a music video, free ringtone. Video about traffic, free trial of a piece of software etc etc.
  10. gogetta

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    The truth is your wasting your traffic and missing out on money. First of all if your promoting your link with these type of videos then your limiting your self on earnings.

    What is on your landing page?

    If you have more videos of the same category as these then people will not necessarily stay on your site vs Youtube to watch them. The only way I can see you monetizing your site with what I know from in this post, is to add some ringtones through cpa or any other network. If you want to earn as much as possible through a ppc, go with adsense, bidvertise will not pay you as much as adsense will.

    But that's not even gonna work unless you trick your traffic into clicking them, or unless you keep them on your site longer by keeping them interested.

    As far as music videos go, you can try CB or some other affiliate market place and offer some download service to your visitors. Mp3's and music video download sites would be you best bet, I've never worked with these types of sites through youtube, so I don't know how well you will convert your visitors.

    Tell me what your offering visitors on youtube that makes them click your link, and also what do you have on your landing page as of now?