What to do with traffic from a work from home site? (non-US)

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    I'm setting up a site for work from home, judging by the competition on 1st page of Google for my main keyword it won't be difficult to rank at all. Apart from search engines, I'll also try and get some Facebook traffic.

    My basic idea is to gather up CVs and appropriately refer people to some affiliate link. Pretty damn cheesy, I know, but it seems like an easy buck.

    The problem is the traffic is Eastern European and I assume something in the order of 85% of people won't be particularly fluent in English or qualified in anything useful for most online jobs available for international users.

    Any ideas on how to monetize the traffic? Places like MTurk don't have referral programs (unsurprisingly) and I'm struggling to find a decent substitute.

    Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated :)
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