What to do with scraped 2.0s that still get alot of EDU traffic?

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    If i scraped a web 2.0 that is still getting 50-600 visitors a month, what to do with it ? Most high traffic ones expired within last month. And are for things like highschool-PTO. Or DrChangScienceLab. I think the traffic is from the links and direct lookups--not organic keywords

    Is this normal for 2.0s or maybe its just in education niche with all these clubs and parent-teacher organizations

    I guess i can either:
    1)copy content from archive.org and maybe those 50-600 visitors won't report it. (also slip in ms links)

    2)make my own content and pretend like i came across the name. (Will weebly support kill it if its clearly jacked from a university/personal name)

    I prefer a 2.0 that gets 5 visitors a week because then its forgotten but still has link power.

    These 200 visitor/week edu ones are like trying to eat a cow that is still alive, worried it won't end pretty.
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