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What to do with mobile traffic?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by omgitg, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. omgitg

    omgitg Newbie

    May 2, 2009
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    So I have thousands (and I mean thousands) of mobile visitors available and wondering what I should do with them.

    I been thinking about maybe applying for CJ and using a pay per call program, this users are highly targeted and all white hack traffic.

    Does anyone know of any SMS sponsors? I been searching like crazy but haven't had much luck other than mobpartner.com and even then its a mobile affiliate program and not much information available on when they pays out happen.
  2. cruzer

    cruzer Junior Member

    May 6, 2009
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    Ive heard bigdaddyspy has been increasing its business. Im not sure if there is a affiliate program for it though. Maybe you could have a programmer make something similiar to the mobile phone spy software that they have or contact the website owner to make some kind of deal.
  3. megaplex

    megaplex Regular Member

    Oct 19, 2008
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    Apprentice Muppet
    Please Contact Me.. Since we are talking Mobile let talk about the future also. I posted this in another thread thought it might trigger some grey matter into action.

    Yes there is and its much better than what you asked for in your post.

    MobileText Marketing is about to Explode onto the worlds 4.6 Billion mobile phones, compare that to 1.7 billion internet accounts and you can quickly see where the next BIG trend will be.

    The world is moving to mobile phones, the new generation of Mobile Phones offer far more than just calling, they now have Text and emailing, plus video viewing, internet access and more.

    Over 90% of all text messages get seen, compare that to emails less than 5% and 90% of emails are spam.

    75% of mobile phone users admit they cannot live without their phone.
    More than 95% of teenagers wouldn't be seen dead without one.

    It is the No1 personal electronic accessory.

    Huge money was made in the early Boom time days of,
    Online video,
    Online shopping
    Social media,

    Everything above will fail in comparison to whats about to happen when mobile phones start to do most everything that can be done via the internet and more.

    More and more Twitter and Facebook users access their accounts
    through their mobile instead of a desktop or laptop computers.

    1.8 Billion people with access to the internet just became small
    compared to the 4.6 Billion Mobile users and lets not forget that these 4.6 Billion phones are being constantly carried around in someone's pocket or purse and not sitting on a desk somewhere.

    Commercialism via mobile phones is about to EXPLODE just ask Pizza hut and Domino's who revenue's Exploded when they introduced the mobile phone apps.

    There's more to come but the question is how do we as individuals cut ourselves in on a piece of the actions and make Bank ?

    Remember this, the money is where the most eyeballs are and there are 3 x as many eyes directly fixed at mobiles everyday than anything else currently..

    Mobile Text Marketing / Direct response mobile marketing is coming.

    Just look at what American Idol achieved with text messaging.