What to do with Hundreds of EDU Email Accounts with Unlimited Google Drive and Other Perks?

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Apr 23, 2017
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Hey fellows,

I recently stumbled upon a method of acquiring .edu email accounts which comes with a lot of benefits and perks including unlimited Google Drive (5TB per file allowed), Microsoft Office 365 account and many other freebies and discounts which can save a few hundred dollars.

Following it, I have got more than a hundred accounts as of now and can get a lot more on demand.

My question is, how should I monetize them? Shall I start selling the freebies such as $50 coupons of Digital Ocean (which I think I can sell for $10-$15 on Fiverr or similar websites) - Is this a good idea?

Or if you guys have any suggestions, please do let me know. Thank you everyone!

PS. This is not a sales thread friends so please don't break the rules here!
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Not a single response so far :( I guess its not in demand so will drop the idea for now!
Sell the edu email accounts maybe?
Selling the edu emails is not a bad idea but I believe I can make more money by selling individual accounts/coupons.
Sell the edu email accounts maybe?
I will check it out. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Sell them in The Marketplace https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/4-99-edu-email-instant-delivery-5tb-g0ogle-drive-amazon-prime-6month.970179/ or do a JV with @Xsesonit
Either sell email id or sell individual service coupons on BST.
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