what to do with brandnew content? (fetish)

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    Aug 16, 2011
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    hey guys i seek your advice. a week ago i stumbled across this site and read myself into a few different ways of making money from home, without beeing a pro in computer related topics.

    well i decided to start uploading some of the fetish porn clips i bought from c4s and different other rare stuff i had on my harddisk, i created personal megathreads at 5 different high traffic forums with about 5 uploads a day (mostly small files i'm afraid) and updating 4 times a day.

    after some people got to notice my thread the money startet rollin in ;) day two i had made 24$, the third > 30$ and kept this level..

    this is where the story begins, my postings drew attention of a user who contacted me and sent me a big amount 8,5 gig "for starters" packed with super highly wanted clips4s stuff, that hasn*t been around in the free scene.

    problem is the clips are mostly about only 70mb, so they don't convert great to money per PPD.
    should i pack them to > 450mb files to make them more likely to generate sales? and on which filehoster?

    I'm confused, so many options, so few knowledge.

    please help me and show me how to make the most profit of this rare treasure.

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