What to do with an adult aff account with $88 in it ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Ibeefaaa, May 19, 2010.

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    I have this aff account at AdultDateLink.com and it has $88 in it. They only pay by check or epassport, twice each month, $100 minimum.
    Epassport is not available in my country so that option is out.
    I have received 1 check for the 16-28th of february but when I realized it takes 2 weeks for the check to arrive in my country by post (I live in Europe) and another 30to45 days from the day I deposit the check in the bank til I actually cash out I stopped promoting it and moved to other things.
    Is now 2 month since the money are there and it might "vanish" if nothing happens so I was thinking to ask here if anybody wants to buy the account and continue.
    You get $2 for every free signup + bonuses and up to $42 for a paid signup + bonuses.
    I will give my unique and working method along with the account .
    If anybody is interested please post here.

    *I didn't opened a BST thread because this is not a service or product, is just a 1 time deal but if the mods decide that I break the forum rules with this post than please delete it. Thank you.