What To Do With All These Links? Monetize Me LOL!

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by lewi, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Ive devised a system that can get any website i add in literally 100's of links from different ip's, domains and sites with different whois info!

    And even better than that these links will over time increase in 'value' due to the seo efforts done to each and every single one of these sites.

    Now unfortunatly im not going to give out the method but if my budget allowed it and i could monetize better on this then that 100's can easily be turned into 1000's in a matter of weeks!

    So onto my question...

    I haven't been able to get to sleep and wont be able to until i find a method or system to make some nice income off this other than just putting out my own sites and using this to get top rankings and profiting like that! BUT as i said before it is really easy to grow this and make it bigger than i will ever need and this is why i want to monetize on the method even further and create another income source.

    So this is what i have so far!

    Open up a site like 3waylinks.net whereby you pay a monthly fee and can submit 50 sites (max) with their anchor text's (allows variations) and then if you need more then you purchase another 'pack' of 50 sites! Each site will get 250 links going to it randomly chosen through out the network!

    Maybe also add categories for sites too and some other addons and stuff but the general idea being that you can add your own sites to the network too and get free credits to use and what not but mainly to buy backlink packs and pay per month!

    Plus if the demand ever does happen to become higher than the number of links i can offer then i simply create some more sites hosted on different ip's and add those to the system too!

    Second option...

    I sell these links for a fixed price per month based on their PR, number of pages on the site (they are sitewide links) etc

    Only problem is setting the pricing correctly!


    Unfortunatly as with any site network where you don't own all the sites there will be some that expire, delete their sites or just remove themselves from the network!

    Also the PR and quality of these sites will be lower at the start but build up... but changing the pricing 3 months down the line is annoying for customers (even if i keep the same pricing for the existing customers).

    So does anyone else have any ideas etc as i want to get this coded and moving as my brain is literally full of ideas and keeps thinking of new ones all the time for this 'system'!

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    You can sell monthly links on backlinks.com depending on PR. However the payout isn't that high.
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    sell seo services they pay quite well on bhw or whatever