what to do with 2000 spam hits a day

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    Mar 27, 2009
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    Hey, this is the newbie again.
    Ok, so, I have a site that I used to maintain. It has been sitting dormant for several months. This is a personal site and I only used it for crud that interested me. Then I found out about keyword research and realized that I am in one of the lowest paying most glutted markets! YAAAAY!!!!!
    I never put captcha on it, and the spamers have gone wild.
    2000+ hits a day, and 0$ from adsense.

    Here are my questions:
    1) I can take care of the spaming problem and my hits will drop to about 40 or a little more a day. Is there something I can do that can monetize the spam hits? Something not tooo black hat?

    2) I have another site that I am ramping up. Is there any way that I can
    improve its rankings using the spammed site?

    3) Do you guys have any other ideas about what I can do....
    Not involving jello, two female wrestlers, and an expired library card.
    I am not doing that again!

    problems are opportunities in disguise.... I hope....