What to do when you have a bunch of Links from a deindexed blog network

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by scorpion896, Sep 3, 2012.

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    So my site has been penalized for 2 months now after purchasing links from a blog network seller over at the BST section, I have confirmed that the network is deindexed by googling most the URLs which my links are on and no results are being shown. The seller has been uncooperative when asking if he could take down the links.

    I am almost positive the penalty occurred from links on this network as it happened just 1-2 weeks after ordering the service.

    So the question comes, what would you do when this happens?
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    If the seller is not answering go contact a Moderator and tell him about the problem.
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    is it actually negative to have links on deindexed sites or do these sites just don't pass any linkjuice anymore?
    what can you do if you didn't get the links from here? any seo tactics?
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    Well, this happen to all when you see a buy sell thread so attractive than ever.

    they show a great graphics and quote a high price and announce a discount of 25% to attacct people .

    they 100% use softwares and that will provide a great report. after a month when you look back you cant see 10% of links there.

    where us a manual link building cant have the knowledge to focuss there services.

    the loss percentage is 30% in manual service when compared with 90% in automated service.

    recovery idea for you

    * if the automated service provided a forum service means. open the link with the login provided and remove your links that are made as signatures.

    * with the logins available remove your links over them

    * do organic way of link building . say daily 10 links enough. open a eblogger.com blog, update unique content.

    surely your ranking will be back.
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    I use to have a client that had the same problem with Build my rank blog network , his website came back after one month after new good links have been added, so , continue to add some good links and your website will be back :)