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What To Add To An Amazon Blog Site For Extra Income??

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SEORasta, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Ok background. Have my own SEO company that was doing ok up to last year. Lost a few clients when Penguin hit and now have 1 who is still loyal and is doing well. So I am kinda geting away from marketing to get new clients who just stay for 2-3 months so I am slowly getting away from that and moving more into affiliate marketing. As of today have 1 Amazon built site (from a BHW member here) that is up for about a month now and ranking pretty good (kw from pages 2 to 5) and have 3 other stores that just went live this weekend. Not seeing any of these to start to really produce until around December and all of next year. I also have a Amazon blog that I post content and videos to. It has Amazon links and Linkshare Affiliate product links. Ranks from pages 1 to 4 for my KW. I have 1 adsense site that is all on page 1 but not getting clicks. So my qustion is to the amazon blog type site what would be good to add to it? CPA? I dont want to have adsense on it but something to get funds if they dont click on the amazon button. For those who do Amazon or blogs with affiliate links/banners, what do you mix up your sites with? My goal from this is to replace my SEO money that I was getting and of couse I already know traffic is key but that wont be ovenight. Just like to hear others who are pulling in money on what they use. Thank You (done from my work computer so sorry for no line breaks)</p>