What the points of the pages' Label?

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    Web page labels are many, a variety of purposes. However, in SEM, they talk about with to get the role of three, namely, the head section of the title, meta keywords and description.
    SEM Web stigma:
    Some friends to see that the words might say, I will use a; will say that the words written is not necessarily useful, why write. You also have some truth to the attention of the search engine on this label gradually decreased, may also occur snapshot crawl the page of text without looking at the labels. However, in the SEM establishment of the station, try to write, and write specifications. What did you say the following reasons:
    A lower importance, does not mean that to no avail. If you are scanty, poorly written, or wrong, may have the opposite effect on the site. 2 norms with professional requirements. Seriously write the title, keywords, description tag will let users and search engines find your site more professional, increase trust, and extra points. Details determine success or failure of a website is the same, each dot attention to do?? ECD the entire station to be great.
    SEM pages tag is an example:
    <title> SEM industry </ title>
    <meta name="keywords" c/otent="sem" />
    <meta name="description" content="SEM sector selection sem skills to provide from sem entry to advanced learning, welcome to discuss the sem knowledge exchange sem tips。" />
    SEM Web label points:
    The Tags thought, do not easily change given the website very sensitive to flip-flop to change the labels, so that advance efforts Fuzhiliushui.
    2.title label is very important, the recommended wording: - Site Name - Contact Phone
    3.keywords label Keywords overview of where, whether it is the Home of the target keywords, or ordinary page long tail keywords, should not do too much, 1 per page 3, do be concise, not more complicated. One point one point, a page a page to do a solid.
    4.description label fluent then describe the contents of the page can appear several times Keywords, but do not superimposed Keywords, eloquent, and more useless, users and search engines do not like.
    (5) the actual situation, title must be written, meta keywords and description according to the actual fill, not be forced. For example, some programs may not provide the freedom to write; keywords and description of each page of the program reason is exactly the same, have the opposite effect it affect the collection.
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    now these are really important and some really good information. Thanks for sharing dude. its impressive.