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What the latest Panda was all about!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by balsagoth007, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. balsagoth007

    balsagoth007 BANNED BANNED

    Oct 30, 2010
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    Some people will tell me that this information is old but nevermind i am sharing it for people who are newcomers or old but didn't know about it or ignore it.
    Latest Panda was all about optimization both on page and off page (+ content; not going to talk about it, it's obvious that you need quality unique content). I have made this conclusion by looking at some of my websites and some competitors on many niches:

    - Keyword density: aim for a maximum of 1.5%-2% for the total page not only in-text density but the full page (this includes titles and sidebars). You can even drop your seopressor or plugins like it, they tend to over-optimize. H1 and H2 are sufficient, no need to do "alt", H3, H4 and if your theme makes the title of the post H1 then no need to put another H1 in your article.

    - Anchor diversity: diversify as much as possible, main keyword (low %), LSI, generic keywords, brand name, raw urls...
    I have seen many sites ranking without using the exact term a single time, never!

    - High PR links can make you rank quickly and also penalize you quickly so play it safe, when buying High PR links try to leave the less footprints possible, if you buy 50 links, at least do the effort and use 50 different anchors.

    - Buy quality content.

    One last thing, apart from google being more strict about the above points the seo game haven't changed at all the last 3-4 years and you can still rank with your old methods. That's what i actually still do.

    Good luck.
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  2. CriminalMind

    CriminalMind Regular Member

    Sep 26, 2012
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    THUNDERELVI Elite Member

    Sep 12, 2009
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    Panda ? You realize Penguin 4.0 rolled out a few weeks ago right ?
    Anyway thanks for the tips, do you have any tips/conclusions on the latest update ?
  4. AlejandroSu

    AlejandroSu Registered Member

    May 28, 2014
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    Home Page:
    i think they are looking the content quality
  5. SteveWaller

    SteveWaller Regular Member

    Feb 16, 2014
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    Ummmm, no. It was a Panda update recently and not Penguin - by my understanding of Google's official naming of updates, we haven't yet had Penguin 3 so how could we have had Penguin 4?
  6. LeanLow

    LeanLow Senior Member

    Jun 15, 2013
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    Could someone tell me, how could they know if the content is low or high quality ? The only way to know is bounce rate, and how long people stay on a page ?

    In my opinion there are 3 kinds of contents, tell me if i'm wrong.

    1. Content that is copied (copyscape less than 90%) - Long term destruction of a website.

    2. Quality content - People actually read it and google can tell that by the bounce rate and stay on page statistics.

    3. Rubbish spun content (but unique, passes copyscape 90%+) - this type of content in my opinion is "good enough" to fill in the required site space if you are doing cpa, ppd or other crap like that. You should aim for the 1. if you have an actual website and not just cpa, ppd landing, am i wrong ?

    Basically how can they tell that if it's "readable" ? Robots don't have intellect and how can people say that very high quality content matters (depends on what you want to accomplish), but if you are doing something to do with affiliate, then quality content is bs if you saw what rubbish sites are ranking in affiliate world your jaws would drop.
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  7. -0o0-

    -0o0- Junior Member

    Jun 30, 2011
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    Also think about pageviews. If someone likes what they read on the initial page, they are likely to navigate to other parts of the site also.

    Also consider:
    The number of social shares that page or website has
    The amount of formatting the page contains (is it just one big wall of text, or is it formatted with headings, bold, underline, bullet points, lists, etc)
    The number of images (does having more than one image mean the page is better quality? I dont know, but certainly a comprehensive page regarding, say the iPhone 5, would contain multiple images, not just one)
    What is the length of the content?
    Does the content contain a healthy number related LSI keywords regarding the topic or just keyword stuffed with one phrase over and over?
    Does it have video?
    Does it link externally to relevant authority sites? Yes, that may even include your competitors.
    Is it written by an authoritative source (IE are they on google plus with a crappy picture of themselves in the SERPS?)
    How many RSS subscribers are there?
    What is the Alexa rating or how much traffic does the website receive?
    Is the domain itself trustworthy with other 'quality' pages'.
    Is the website updated regularly?
    Is it linked contextually to by other relevant authority websites/webpages
    How old is the domain?
    How old is the page itself and is it ever updated?
    The list goes on...

    I think when determining quality content, its not the case of whether the content it was scribbled by a 5 year old, authored by William Shakespeare or if your English school teacher would grade it an A+, but more about using other ranking signals to access whether that particular page and domain is trustworthy enough for it to rank. Yes, crappy, thin affiliate websites still rank breaking all the above factors I've mentioned, but remember Google ain't perfect and it's your job to exploit these imperfections.
  8. randomblackguy

    randomblackguy Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 22, 2014
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    1. How can Google tell if your content is readable ?

    Have you ever used a content scraper? How about a content generator like SEOContentMachine? Apparently not because otherwise it would've been clear to you... Google indexes a ton of content and goes through it each day and sees some patterns in the content and since ~80% of the "INTERNET" isn't blackhat spun content, the patterns Google records are mostly of human written content. A very simple and lame example is this:

    Let's consider the phrase: "the brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
    How Google sees it: "the" "+" "brown" "+" "fox" "+" "jumped" "+" "over" "+" "the" "+" "lazy" "+" "dog" [+ is "SPACE"]
    Fair right ? But that's not all... after this Google sees the phrase as "the +" "brown" "+" "fox" etc ... and so on until it records every possible rendition of this phrase IN THIS FORM.

    Now if you were to write: "the jump fox brown over the lazy dog" Google would see it as new content... unique right ? Human readable? WRONG!

    Because the common word "alignment" in a phrase containing these strings of characters ["the" "+" "brown" "+" "fox" "+" "jumped" "+" "over" "+" "the" "+" "lazy" "+" "dog"] is not the one above, hence not human readable.

    2. Computers have more intellect than ~90% of the people who use them... Hence computers are more intelligent than people...
  9. Paulie W

    Paulie W Regular Member

    Sep 29, 2013
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    How do they overoptimize exactly?

    I like All in SEO or Yoast because they give you options to modify the site and post / page structure easily and even avoid overoptimization (like no-index categories etc.). I don´t see how they automaticly can cause an overoptimization.


    This update is only relevant to sites in English, right? I think, that g00gle for non-English sites is a few years behind when it comes to on and offpage. For my country I see still really shitty EMD ranking on top 5. Yesterday I saw a site ranking for 3 local, low-medium comp. KWs on #2 with 2,5 k links from the same site using only 1 KW as their anchor! And it´s up there for at least a few months.
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  10. ficfroc

    ficfroc Regular Member

    Feb 14, 2010
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    Sous Les Etoiles
    Maybe because it is the only links they'll let you see.
  11. balsagoth007

    balsagoth007 BANNED BANNED

    Oct 30, 2010
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    Here's a very good read about your question:

    All in one SEO or Yoast are very different than seopressor. The later is for keyword optimization only.
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