What the hell that iframe is doing?

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    I have a competitor using a technique I don't understand. But which seems to work.
    Basically in the homepage has a noscript area with a bunch of internal links to pages like:

    host/keyword1 with anchor keyword1
    host/keyword2 with anchor keyword2
    host/keyword3 with anchor keyword3

    Inside these pages there's an iframe with the site homepage url as source, within the iframe tag there's some text (less than 100 words) with some emphasis on the keyword and a link back to the home using keyword as anchor text.

    All the pages are in the sitemap and indexed, and when you open one you are shown that page (no 301 redirect).

    Technically those are not doorway pages, because there's no 301.

    The website has a much weaker backlink profile than others, but does rank pretty well with better positions for those keywords, for many is the TOP 1 (with the url of the homepage, not the iframed pages).

    And I don't understand why. I understand the usage of the iframe to have the same content as the home page, but without being detect as duplicate content.

    And I can guess google crawler does crawl the noscript links follow them and.... And since the page is basically empty should not do much. The url of the page with the iframe includes the keyword, but doesn't sounds like such a powerful signal to be sent back the homepage thanks to that link contained within the iframe tags.

    Does anyone have any idea why it works?
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    cookie stuffing?