What subreddits do I post/comment in to try and funnel views to my profile?


May 1, 2024
I'm trying to drive a little extra traffic to my profile that promotes my OF/Fansly.

Besides the subreddits that I use to promote my content, I've been posting and commenting in Askreddit and AskRedditAfterDark. Are there others worth visiting?

The returns are obviously less than posting content, but writing a comment takes very little time compared to making more content.
Its all about the username and profile picture. You need an account with both a suggestive username and profile picture, then comment in subreddits. Try nsfw subreddits, gaming subreddits or anything that is mainly used by men.
Does the profile picture help in sfw subreddits? Nsfw profiles have their profile picture hidden there.
Suggestive username + censored pic still gets the message across. Maybe it's possible to have your profile as SFW but eventually reddit would catch on.
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