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Nov 23, 2008
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I have a web hosting account at jumpline.com a nice VDS thanks to BHW;)... The thing is I already have a hosting provider for all of my current sites and there's no point in moving them I assure you.

My question is what should I do with the account?

My goal is to make some (a lot of) money. However I don't want to violate their TOS and I prefer to stay away from black hat to avoid any legal issues, etc.

Does anyone have suggestions for what type of site(s) I should make / host there?

PS: If mod/admin feels title is inaccurate please change. Wasn't really sure where to put this / what to call.
That is a difficult question....

Do you have any online game knowledge ??

how about setting up mmorpg games ??


maybe create a Article Directory ??

both can make money...

just my 1 cents...
Set up auto blogs, there is interesting thread here in BHW on bloggin forum... that is my next project when I get time. set up one blog per day - it takes around hour and people claim they are making 1$-2$ per blog/day within two months from launch that would be nice cash when you have hundreds of blogs like that in autopilot.
WOW nice advise...but the time to manage many blogs is it tedious ?? i mean updating of contents...post..etc ??
WOW nice advise...but the time to manage many blogs is it tedious ?? i mean updating of contents...post..etc ??

No I meant autoblogs... those update them selfs.... Its hands free once you set them up and make them indexed.
Hmm. This is kind of the black hat I was trying avoid.... Though do you have a link to the software that does this? If you do I'll check it out and see if it works... There's been a few of these auto blog things here on BHW but they keep trying to make you pay for a content subscription service or something. If there's a good free solution then I'd be interested.

COuld you provide the BHW thread that you were talking about?

Thanks... I'm too lazy...
As for the gaming thing. no i'm unfamiliar in that territory. =(
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