What should i do with my site now?

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    I have been running my mobile site www.pspporntube.com now for a couple of years. I earn money promoting Naughty Americas affiliate content. I am getting around 200-300 unique visitors a day and not a lot of sales lol. I am currently ranked number 1 in google for the following keywords 'psp porn' 'free psp porn' and 'download psp porn' I was thinking of breaking in to some higher searched keywords but the big players in the game are already in the number 1 spots in Google so it's dam near impossible for me to get anywhere near the top. It's also very unlikely i am going to be able to get any decent backlinks because most sites dont accept links from porn sites and there isn't that many adult forums and blogs to actually place your backlink on. So my question is, is there anything i can do to improve my site to bring in more traffic or is it best i just call it a day and close it down?

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    Whereas you don't have that much invested I think you would do better with a more easily branded domain name, and a better directed plan of attack. If you only targeted 3 or 4 phrases, then you certainly don't have any idea about SEO so referencing backlinks seems inordinate here. People in porn get backlinks through exchanges largely, and of course some people purchase them in various ways or outsource SEO altogether. You just need to have a better idea of exactly what you intend to do while you put your next plan together - I don't think there is much fruit in the PSP free porn niche for you, but I am not a keyword expert either. It just doesn't seem like this was as developed as it probably should have been if you were thinking it could be a big money maker.