What should i do ? Please little help guys ;)

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    Dec 28, 2009
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    Guys , i wanna be the #1 or at least first page in a keyword with super compitition :(
    Right with this keyword im like 300+ position ;((( and my Domain name dont contain the keyword..
    I looked up for the compititor - Its domain is the keyword :(
    I checked his backlinks :
    Backlinks: 636 Domains: 148But my domain has about 35backlinks in 25 domains
    So.. is there anychance i can get good result with it ? xrumer or somthing ?

    * So is xrumer a magic that can get me good serp fast ?? what about xrumer service ?

    2)I have a new website its name XXYY.com (example) and the keyword xx yy get good searches in google , right now im on the second page altho i have 0 backlinks ..
    So few manual backlinks will do the job ?? (the #1 compititor has 45 backlinks :D)