What should I do about this chargeback dispute I received from Stripe payments?

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    Does anyone use Stripe as their payment processor? Have you ever had a chargeback using Stripe?

    I use them on one of my sites and received a chargeback back in June. The customer bought an item, used it, then filed a chargeback. He listed the reason for the chargeback as "General".

    Stripe notified me of the dispute, and told me I could send proof that the transaction was legit. I sent them proof: dates, times, ip addresses, my refund policy, etc. That was back in June. Stripe says they usually have a response for you within 45 days. It's been longer than 45 days and I never heard back from them.

    Stripe also says that when you receive a chargeback, they will take the disputed amount out of your account, plus a $15 fee. They will refund it if you win the dispute. However, this never happened to me. The disputed amount and the $15 fee were never taken from my Stripe or bank account. I balance my checkbook every day and watch my Stripe account every day, and all the funds are in tact. Many transactions have come through Stripe since the chargeback and all of them have been automatically deposited into my bank account as normal.

    This is my first chargeback with Stripe. Should I contact them to find out the status of the chargeback, or leave it alone? The reason I am wondering is because the last time I received a chargeback was when I was using Paypal last year. I wound up winning the chargeback because the dispute "timed out". I guess after submitting proof to Paypal, no one ever got around to responding/investigating? I'm wondering if this same thing might happen with Stripe. If I leave it alone, maybe this chargeback will "time out" too.

    The customer used an American Express. Through research, I found this regarding American Express:

    "AmEx handles customer disputes in one of two ways, depending on whether or not the company needs additional information to help it adjudicate the dispute. Here are the two possible scenarios:

    1. Scenario 1 ? upfront chargeback. If the available information indicates that the customer dispute is a valid one, American Express will automatically debit your merchant account for the amount of the disputed transaction and will send you a chargeback notification for you to review.

    2. Scenario 2 ? inquiry. If AmEx needs additional information to adjudicate a dispute, the company will send you an inquiry, in which it will request specific documents related to the transaction under review. You have 20 days to respond to that information request. If you accept the chargeback, fail to respond or if American Express is not satisfied with your response, the company will process the chargeback."

    Looks like I may fall under Scenario 2. Should I keep waiting or email Stripe?
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    Stripe is kind of the new kid on the block, there are good and get the job done for payments. I would def reach out to them and follow up, take notes, log call, peoples names, emails etc.. build the case and look like the professional you are. Get to know a rep and be available.
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    I too guess you are in the second option the dispute would been settled with the buyer and would have been informed that he/she is on the wrong side... that is why your funds are intact... logical conclusion... But to be at ease you can write a gentle mail asking them about the consequences... nothing wrong with it...