What should i consider when im go the CPA way?

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    ok BHW heres the laydown:

    Currently: 1x site #2 on google ( Content Locker for MNS )

    So since i already have a site ranking high ( its in google dance atm)
    I thought i should start on another site.

    I have come to like CPA more than adsense after my past 3 months with IM.

    So here is the questions part:

    1. Is it good to monetize MNS with CL?
    2. Can i monetize anime with CL?
    3. What should i consider when planning to use CL to monetize?
    4. What ways do you use to gain traffic? Is main source SE?
    5. What should i CL and what shouldnt i CL ? ( so i dont choose wrong niche to CL :))

    Note: i do like adsense but i think i would need big traffic to get money. And i cant afford to spend big bucks yet, so i need to stick to MNS until i have a strong site basis to support ---> BIGGER Sites <----.

    (Everyone who posts HELPFUL information will be thanked by me!)


    ( or u can PM me info, up to you)