What Should I Charge a Small Business for Website and How to pitch it?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Drokush, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Say I was buying monstertemplate base templates and modifying them to the business needs, and then promoting them to the first search result in their specific business ("city" dentist or "city" florist, etc).

    There would be hosting for 1 year included and a fee or something past that point.

    How should i pitch the idea? Call or send a letter with more details, and what would be important things to explain to the business other than something like potential gained customers with search term numbers, etc.

    Basically i just want a fair price, I have no idea as i do very little web design.
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    it's up to you, charge by the hour, write up a contract. charge them by how much you think youre worth / how much it will take to make the sale. it really depends on how confident you seem with your pricing and it's easier to negotiate lower than higher. keep that in mind. i charge 30/hour and i just started freelancing.
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    Good points Likeskoolaid,

    Also just make sure both parties have the same understanding. Very Important.

    In ALL cases, (notice I haven't said many cases), "scope creep" occurs. This is when the client continues to add requirements but won't increase the rate or price. I have been in the enterprise level industry for almost 24 years and this is a common occurence. Charge hourly like likeskoolaid mentioned (i.e. Time and expense), never fixed price, and lots of communication is just as important as what to charge.
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    I charge $40.00 per hour. That means if I built a website and pushed it to the #1 position, then I keep a general record of the hours it took to get there, and charge $40.00 per. That is just me though.

    Most of the website stuff that I do for local businesses come out to about $500 - $700 for the initial site. I offer 1 month free hosting and then $12.95 per month after that.

    As for approaching them, I suggest going in face to face. This will yield the highest results. Second choice is to call them. Third would be direct mail and lastly would be email, which I have never had great success with.

    When you are in contact with the business owner be it in person or on the phone, you want to explain to them that the site is ranked #1 for these keywords. You are selling them an already made package for the best advertising in the world. That is a great deal for them. Believe in what you are offering. Also if you put together a small report explaining the amount of searches that this keyword gets per month and how much traffic you are seeing, with proof of course, then the sell will be easy.

    Good Luck.