What should I be doing? Needing some SEO strategy help.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nilomas, Jun 28, 2012.

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    My site is about 3 days old, so no this is no sort of WHY AM I NOT RANKED YET post.
    I know how to build every backlink in the book, I'm just not experienced on when a good time to build A B C D backlinks is good.
    I'm simply asking for people to look over my strategy and tell me what they think.

    Posted a 1000 word review article two days ago for a keyword that has 6600 global searches a month with youtube videos.
    The next day I created 3 Youtube videos all describing the products every youtube video linking to my article in the description fully optimized with keyword in title and description.
    The third day I created video submissions for the Youtube videos to probably 8 different services. So 8 video submissions all linking to the respected Youtube video each.

    Today I have purchased BookMarking Demon and am creating a decent list of bookmarks to post to. I currently have close to 1000. I plan on bookmark blasting each youtube video soon.
    I really don't want to start creating any links until my site/article is about a week old, but after a few days I want to start making a web 2.0 property everyday for 5 days.
    After I have 5 web 2.0s I'll bookmark blast those domains.

    After this work has been done I will probably order a re-tweet service and get like 100+ retweets to my article page.

    When this work is finished I upload another article to the site and do the same process. If after a week my first article is still not ranking/on page 1. I create 5 more web 2.0s and bookmark again with re-tweets.

    Any input would be appreciated :)
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    probably write some articles and submit them, guest posting also helps etc.
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    Hey!! That's fine, you already done more work, I will suggest wait for some time, no other process I will recommend you because if you use another that's called over optimization so wait.
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    I would hold off doing too much backlinking for 3 months. If you do, be careful and go very slow. Velocity is a footprint.

    Get some decent content up there and make sure your onsite SEO is top notch.