What setup for the IM work you have and what you dream to get in the future.

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    Customer\Technical support :/
    North somewhere
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    1) For the internet marketing work and what are the most used programs what you have set up?

    Most used programs? I use so many progs everyday.

    Here is the list of few apps which i used to run now and then to build and promote both my sites as well as my clients sites and to make money...

    Photoshop CS 5 + tons of plugins
    Dreamweaver CS 4
    Illustrator CS 4
    Market Samurai
    Autoblog Samurai
    Camtasia Studio
    CLAD Genius
    EVO 2
    Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4
    FFB and FFAP
    Forum Poster 3
    Hide IP Extreme Package
    iBP 11
    Keyword Elite 2.0
    Last Pass
    Magic Article Rewriter
    Magic Submitter
    MNF 5.0
    Proxy Finder Enterprise
    SEO Elite
    SEO PowerSuite
    Sick Submitter
    Snagit 10
    Tweet attacks
    VMWARE with 12 OS Images
    xGen SEO


    another hundred apps and scripts spreaded over my Dual Monitor!

    2) Do you run your own server to keep webpages etc?

    Yeah i've my own server to host my sites.

    Its Config :
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @ 4.4 GHz
    250 GB Raid Protected Space
    4 GB DDR III Memory
    with 4 Terabyte Bandwidth Limit Running Centos 5.5
    and 1 Gbit Port

    3) What Op you running and have you tried non MS ( the big and soft one ) OPÅ› ?
    Win 7, Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 7. Yes of course its Windows 7! I'm not comfortable with nix and nux OS.

    4) Firewall and virus detection, what would be the best from your experience?
    Once upon a time i used kaspersky to protect my pc. But now its Avast 5, Norton Sonar and ad aware professional which keeps my box 101% safe from any kind of attacks!

    5) Your idea about keeping the everyday machine and working machine separated ( like 2 - 4 different pcÅ› for the work you doing )

    I've 7 Virtual PC's from Amazon EC2 (Extra Large Instance) which i use to run scrapebox, xrumer, senuke and all kinda automated tools. and This is my Everyday Machine and Working Machine. I play Mafia II at the same time answering my clients skype call.lol... I never really have time to move away from this PC!!!

    Did i ever mentioned that i've i7 - 950, 16 GB DDR III Memory, 2.5 Terabyte HDD, and 2 GB SLI Graphics Card?

    Well, IMHO My dream is coming true whenever i think about it! BH Money Babe! BH Money!!! :listen:
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