What really a niche is?

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    Hi all,

    This is my first BHW post. First of all, I want to thank everyone for this forum: a lot of must reads, and a huge time sink with so many valuable information.

    I am a total noob, and I would like to start in the IM, and earn a few extra bucks every months. It seems that everything is about finding a niche, looks like it is the hardest part.
    I have been reading several great guides on this forum. However, I am still confused.
    Noob question in the topic title, must have been asked 10K times, if not more. Actually, it is more than a one line question, so maybe I'll get attention and some help.

    Correct me if I am wrong. A niche is a small and pretty specific market that generates some good cash.

    Let?s define this. Small market. Something that doesn?t have too many results on Google, I guess. Otherwise it will very hard to rank on Google, and get traffic. Let?s consider three very well known niches: dating, weight loss, making money over internet.
    Those ones look very BIG market. So if I decide to choose one of them as my niche, is it really possible to success? I really have the feelings those one are totally saturated. Using white hat I will never be able to rank higher than others. So where the traffic will come from, and the clicks?!

    Pretty specific. What if I choose a specific and ?short term? product, such as the movie Avatar or the Ipad from Apple? The Ipad might last several years, Mr Jobs has been selling the same phone for several years already?but this is another debate.
    Lets consider I choose the Ipad, and build a website on it. I will write my own review, add good pictures, products specs & prices, link others people review, and do some SEO job. But well? even doing all of this. How will I rank higher than people like Engadget or Techcrunch? I won?t. I have the feeling my website will be totally lost and unknown to the world. Which means no visit, no click, no money.

    Generates some good cash. The two previous examples do generate a lot of cash, that?s for sure, but I have no idea on how to get a small part of the cake.

    So what is a Niche? Is it just about keywords then? Lets suppose I do my Ipad site, it includes pretty much everything on it: reviews, other people/fan website, specs, prices, where to buy, etc. The website looks okay, and have some Adsense.
    How do I drive traffic to it? Do I have to use ?low competition? keywords on this ?highly competitive? niche? Is that ?all??
    How long will it take to build good traffic? And how long does it last? I will only update my website every 6 months or so, when Steve release the Ipad v2 (e.g. the Ipad + USB portS). But remember my website got almost everything in it, with a good blogroll, and is a very good ?introduction? to the Ipad world.

    Again this is pure example, and I am not planning to do anything that could help Apple in any way? I am just trying to figure out, what a niche really is, and how to find one.

    Thanks for your comments, answer, and thoughts.
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    Oh so many questions and also your own answers to your own questions! lol

    Main Point: So what is a Niche? You ask.

    You will get a few diff answers on that same question.
    Thats because there are so many 'forms' of a Niche.

    Dont get to o complex with all this stuff and the detailed ins and outs of words and comments you read here. DETAIL WILL KILL YOUR effort and your ACTIVITY ok.

    Its good to see a Niche this way:

    Mothers are a Market...within that market you have many sectors where Mothers may be active in Purchasing examples would be Baby Clothes male female. Nappies Disposable non disposable, Toys electronic, old fashioned wood items and on and on.

    Each sector and Market therefor provides a possible Niche area to work in.
    I for instance may start to look at Unique wooden Toys for Baby Boys...Thats one NIche that may be good? within that Possible area of a Niche there may be a small but positive market for wooden toys for boys that are Um? Natural and not toxic to the planet...Hence NO GLUE or NO Solvent Based Paints being used. Now that could then be a 'Micro' Niche of the Niche we have called wooden Toys for Boys. Does that make it more clear for you now?

    Main Point is what ever area (Niche or Market) you work in and decide...you first make sure its active and has BUYERS real people who are willing and YOU CAN SEE spend money, then look at the competition is it high or low? Then decide how best you will get to those buyers, where do they hang out? where do they go, what do they need? what do they buy BEFORE they need the item you have? how can I get to them early? how can I give them what they want? What do they want? Who are those people? what are they like???? 55 and over? under 30? Male ? Female? etc etc

    Answer those questions and you have your action plan and your in the business of selling too them. Keep reading BUT read ACTION ITEMS and NOT DETAILS. Spend time in the Making Money Section ok....not the lets just talk.

    Good Luck :)
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    Thank you, should help me. :)