What phones work best with iProxy and Proxidize?

What phones you guys recommend that work best with android apps [iProxy / Proxidize]
Any phone that can run the proxy app(haven't tested any of those, have my own) But as a thumb rule, if your phone can run it, have good signal and allows 3g/4g then it's good. Nkw I am using only Samsungs with 4g/5g but used other no name models just as fine a few yrs back
Normally, all android phones can be used, xproxy can support for all phones with version higher than 6. and it can make a farm of phones easily.
You can use almost any Android phone or tablet. A popular model is the Alcatel 1 5033D with Android 8.1.0.

Phone requirements:
Android 5.0+
If you plan to buy a separate phone for working with iProxy.online, please check out the list of recommended phones on our blog on the website.
If you have a Meizu, we can help you set up your device.
We do not recommend purchasing very old phones or Chinese no-name brands (although some of them also work - test it out!)
I have been looking for Alcatel 1 5033D phone, but it's too old no one have it in the stores
Any phones that's strong enough and can endure a lot of background apps running at the back. Should be fine, but whether it's Android or Apple that does better, it's either one really.
@iproxyonline - just remember - members with yellow names
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