What phone to get?

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    Mar 29, 2009
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    K so I'm giving up my iPhone to my dad. Yeah it's a silly thing. But here's the shimmy: I'm a nice Asian high school student that doesn't attach himself to these types of products.

    My reasons for giving up the iPhone.

    The iPhone is known for a few features, among others, like 3G capability, iPod, games, apps, a nice touchscreen, a freakin' Apple logo. I have used 68 kb of 3G in the last 10 days of November, I don't listen to music on the phone or on the computer, I pretty much lend my phone out to other people for them to play my games for me, I don't have any useful apps or need any, I have no attachment to the touchscreen or the Apple logo.


    Now. I like phones that are simple. Call. Text. Camera. Done. This is what particularly draws me to cell phones sold on Chinese cheap replica phone sites. However, I'm not quite sure I really want to go through with gettin' one of those. What phone should I get?