What Operating System Are you Using?

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Windows 7 on my laptop and WIindows 10 on my desktop. I'm beginning to not like Windows 10, so I may downgrade to Windows 8.1 on my desktop sometime in the next few months.
Do they still sell laptops with windows 7... everything I see is windows 10 and touchscreen
Yes, the laptop I purchased recently had Windows 7 on it.
I use OpenSUSE, Backbox, Lubuntu, and Win 10 on my different systems, but that's because I'm a huge nerd. So far, OpenSUSE has been my favorite for every day use, though configuring it can take some effort. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners to Linux.

Edit: Win 10 is for my desktop. I literally only use it to play games and browse YouTube. Would not recommend for anything else.
It looks good for light Photoshop work and general office use, but I wouldn't use it for something like gaming (older games should work fine on it).
Thanks... don't need it for games. Just for my business.
I've been using Debian for years and it is perfect for my needs. Unfortunely i still have to use windows 7 for gaming.
I use windows 8.1 currently on my mini laptop and Windows 10 on my main laptop. I intend to downgrade the OS on the main laptop to windows 7. I also intend to try Backtrack and Kali Linux. I have several OS i would love to try out on my external hard drive. I don't have the time yet
My oh my, what a loaded question.

Host OS on computer is Windows 8.1 using classic shell. From there it depends:
Kali Linux (Debian)
Metasploitable (Linux)
Slackware 10
Cent OS

Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP

Need to put in a FreeBSD VM.
Windows 7. I really can't bother with maybe dealing with compatibility issues. I would need more benefits before upgrading, like something I can't be without.
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