What must be SEO investment for vocuher - discount codes website? I've done something.

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    Hi there,
    I'm a computer programming student. I learnt programming before I get in the university. I built a coupon code - voucher code listing site.
    There 7 big competitor sites in my market (Turkey).

    I would like to ask you what should I do for the SEO?

    What've have done so far?

    1. Cached the content and compress images small size for quick load.
    2. Creted very carefully sitemap.txt
    3. Created RSS feed and sitemap sent to Google WMT.
    4. I bought 50 forum promotion posts
    5. Generating a uniqe and fully detailed information every single online store(founder,when,where,who,invesements,how did they succeed?,payment options,shipment procedure,social network links,free delivery conditions,how to cancel/return)
    6. Clear and unique meta tags.
    7. Share (facebook graph and twitter card)
    8. Very friendly url - seflink for example .com/store/amazon .com/category/computers
    9. Breadcrumb
    10. Putting new voucher codes,deals before they expire.
    11. Very mobile friendly design and responsive.
    12. I recorded "How to use Amazon coupon code", "How to find amazon voucher code" titled videos to Youtube,DailyMotion,Vimeo,Facebook and some other local-domestic video platforms.
    13. Created social network accounts(facebook,twitter,google plus) and publising every single coupon over there after I publish on site.
    14. Bought some .edu and .gov backlinks links.
    15. Trying to build a content using Google WMT as a feedback.
    16. Validated html (all alt and title links are filled)

    These are almost the same things other competitor sites have done so far. I'm trying to get backlinks just like the same sites as well. I analyised their backlink profile via aHrefs and network via similiarWeb.

    What should I do next and more?