What Method You Use Get Traffic

I think that the best way to get free traffic is
social media sites, especially if you have your own site
and you're content creator!
Social media will be the major factor in 2013!

Your success in social media is based on how much
you interact with other people on a regular basis!
I use the email-to-sms method. Subscribe by US 100,000 subscribers to bring $ 200-600
Just send an email to google saying that you really need traffic and if they will not do it, then you will jump from a cliff. Works very well for me. It is easy method to get more traffic.
content locking with live streaming events - usually sporting - equals serious bank. not to say other verticals arent more profitable but that's a good starting point.
Secrets... holy cow - like there are no guidelines on different methods to get traffic.
Considering Google updates, if you are after organic traffic then first thing you have to do after launching a website or blog is to fill it with content (not copy-pasted from somewhere)

Once you have it, you can send your stuff to the content discovery platforms who will make sure that it has been seen by the right audience.
Another thing you can do at the same time, is to submit your content (in the form of articles) to the different PR directories.

1. List of content discovery platforms
www.nster.com - tons of monthly impressions, geo-filter, very low ppc with real visitors

www.nrelate.com - tons of monthly impressions but with focus in entertainment, nice targeting tools, but with super high ppc.

Zemanta.com & Engageya.com - very similar traffic exchange. You advertise other's article and have your's advertised.

2. List of PR directories
Let me say right away, that I'm using only prleap, prurgent, pressbox, 1888pressrelease, and Businesswire.
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Did you tried using the search button? Or checking out the money making section?
There are a lot of methods shared around, you just need to find them and take action.
"Market Awareness"

it's crazy that so many people waste their time trying to build back links or buy them in order to hopefully rank high enough one day to actually generate traffic.

however...if you develop a web presence through market research and saturation, the traffic will drive itself AND natural rankings will increase without having to ever worry about a google spam update.
Improve your current method to next level and you will get more $$$. :) Simple logic but effective :) Regards
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