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What method do you recommend if my niche of preference is IM but..

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by dano2, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. dano2

    dano2 Regular Member

    Apr 2, 2016
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    I don't know enough about it to write and am not willing to invest money but have plenty of time (I already spend much of the day on this forum; I'm taking online classes but they don't require much time)? I read the $50/day Instagram method but I'm not sure if I fully understand it. I have Twitter accounts as well, and so far I'm just getting followers (I have one with 5XX followers). I'm using MassPlanner's 5-day-trial.

    I had a gig with a guy from Reddit but he stopped responding. I've made money with PalFish (an app that pays you to talk to people in China) but so much small-talk can be a drag. I don't want to resell gigs, because I feel bad profiting off someone-else's work. I'd totally do a JV if which I'm taught all the details I don't understand of methods in exchange for sharing profit, but few may trust me.

    If you have an idea for anything non-monetary I can exchange for help, then please let me know. I'm not in the US and I don't want to lie about being in the US in order to register with ClickWorker. What I may do is just "talk" to people on Twitter until I get CPA clicks. What keeps me coming back to this forum is that fact that there's a huge pie of people willing to spend time and money doing things that can get me money, but I'm still somewhat lost and it's frustrating with so many methods. Sorry for the rant. The way things are going now is that I go on this forum everyday but get little done because of confusion. Do you know of any user who's been successful with Twitter who has a few minutes for questions about methods since not all my posts asking questions get replied to?
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