what marketing materials for SEO?

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    I would like to get some clients for SEO. I am going to print some marketing materials.
    obviously, I will need to make up a business name and get business cards.
    what else will I need?
    what should the brochures look like?
    what information should be on them? should i include screenshots of Google rankings, or?
    what else will I need?

    my plan is to either send these through the mail to random businesses, or walk into different businesses and talk to them and then show them my marketing materials.
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    Jun 27, 2012
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    I am also looking for this kind of information.
    O found a perfect WSO but is for mobile local business.

    3w.warriorforum . com/warrior-special-offers-forum/680652-get-1-mobile-marketing-materials-pack-before-its-too-late-includes-webinar-warrior-special-offer-day.html

    It would be perfect If I could find same quality of marketing material but for SEO local business. Can anyone point me to any wso or other ? I already used search boutons !!! Thanks
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    Nov 14, 2012
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    just show them your sites and serps.
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    Brochures would be a good step. I'm assuming you have a website? That would be a very good step as well.

    For offline marketing materials, brochures and fliers work well. You could also have business information printed on arbitrary objects like mouse pads, pens, key chains, jump drives, etc.

    For your brochure, you should include information about what your company does as well as information about the business in general. You should include our value proposition somewhere that is prominent (like on the front if it's a tri-fold brochure). Your value proposition is whatever it is that you can help businesses with. For example it might be "Increase rankings with our patented system" or "We Think about SEO all the time so you don't have to".

    Images are great but in reality, if you have some graphs of real data, a small business owner is not going to know what they heck that means. All they will see is a little graph or search engine results page and think "mysterious" or "technical". I would opt for images that are going to speak to their situation. Businesses want to make more money and grow. Include images that convey that message or that convey the message that the business can accomplish these goals by using your service.

    If you have predefined packages you could place information about those in the brochure. Pretty much anything that talks about your services as well as contact info should be in there.

    As far as what else you would need, ultimately there are tons of things you could do to promote a business but since you are just starting out, I would use the brochures, cards and a website. Once you start generating some revenue, you can move into more areas of promotion.

    Here are some other ideas for you,


    Hope that helps,

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    Take some PLR articles and edit them.. easy as pie :]