What laptop or PC do you use ?


Sep 23, 2023
Brothers, let's talk about our working machines. What laptop(s) or PC or tablet (expanding to laptop) do you use in daily life (I mean exact own but not what you wish to get or etc) ? Feel free to share over here
Microsoft Surface tablet for day to day. plugged into an external monitor/mouse/kb.
it's smaller than most books, silent, portable. powerful enough for typical tasks.
custom built workstation pc for heavy things such as botting.
I got a Lenovo P1 from eBay, it is an absolute beast!
PC: I built the configuration myself
Laptop: Legion 5 build ram32gb
They run pretty smoothly for my agency work
Laptop: Prototype serial 001 - HP Elite Folio 13.5 running Snapdragon ARM CPU. I got a review unit that was sent to YouTubers for review, it's missing the onboard WWAN which kind of sucks.

PC: Custom build: Dual Xeon, 144GB RAM, RX570 & Tesla M40 GPU's, dual SSD, 8x SAS hard drives, LTO tape backup, dual PSU (with redundant power from grid/solar/generator), dual 5gbps fiber lines for internet, dual 55" 4K TV's as monitors (split into 8 virtual 1920x1080 screens).

And I got a few 42U racks full of servers.
Honor Magicbook 16.1 (r5 5600h)
I like Macbook, but $3-4k to give for a thing where I will watch a movie is very strange. So I went with Windows
Tuned garbage PC... Dell Optiplex 9020, 2013 Q4
i5 4th gen, added:
-installed 32gb ddr3
-... RTX A2000 xD
Cyberpunk with 60fps, Stable Diffusion works.
3DMark better than most of modern laptops.

Anyway, plan to upgrade this year:
a) laptop with RTX 4060
b) mini PC + oculink + RTX 4060
Still not decided what to buy
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