What languages do you speak?

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Apart from one nutcase girlfriend whose dad was rich I only had one lady offering me stuff.

She was divorced and her ex husband was very wealthy and she had taken a lot in the divorce. She was a good 15 to 20 years older than me, I think I must have been around 30. She took a liking to me in a big way. She knew i liked cars so she said if I moved in with her she would buy me any car I wanted. The problem was I just didn't fancy her at all. I was thinking can I lower myself and shag this woman for gifts. In the end I said no. Do I look back and regret that? Sometimes. I could have had a lot.
OT: One thing's for certain. If you had gone with the money...you wouldn't be on BHW.
As far as the thread topic. English, French and a decent amount of Spanish.
Native: Arabic
Fluent: English
Good: French
Average: Italian
Basic: Spanish and German
Beginner: Japanese (my current challenge).
My main language is portuguese , im from brazil

I also have very poor english, but i think is enough to people undestand me

how about you? what languages do you speak?
Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English
A minority tribal from India
Native language: Tribal language
Others: English, Hindi, Bengali and Japanese, according to my fluency
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Native: Latvian
Can Speak&Write close to perfect in: English & German
Can Commonicate at a basic level in: Russian, Spanish, Italian

With a couple more week training could get-by in French as well..

Did not even realise I have got to a point of knowing 6 languages...

btw I have noticed that if you go to any large country - It's rare that someone will actually know more than 1 language (their own)...
Go to some random small country & Most will know 2-3 languages.
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Slow down, I only know bonjour haha. My French teachers didn’t like me, I always said what’s the point, everyone else seems to learn English, Grade Z there you go.

I see for me I done French in primary school so I know a little bit I used it to get a lot of French girlfriends before using it .

I can understand Scots Gaelic fairly well such as I know how to say in Gaelic "Were the Tiika,?Where the Indian food?,Where do you live?" and few other things
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